Digging up the bodies.. er… decorations

For the past few weeks, I’ve been pulling decorations out of the attic and trying to find time to put everything up before the big night.  One of the first things to go up were the window decorations.  Nothing particularly spooky about these, I just think they look cool.  Black and orange are the traditional colors of Halloween, and I like having the entryway in these colors.


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Halloween at Target 2014 (Part 1)

After several days of empty Halloween shelves, Target finally started stocking Halloween merchandise.  I wanted to take pictures of everything. But the employees were falling over me as I got down onthe floor to get close-ups of the Cat Skeleton.  So I decided to split these pictures into 2 parts.  I’ll post more after the shelves are fully stocked (and I’m not tripping Target employees).  So here we go….

Target_2014_part_1 (15)

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Halloween at Dollar Tree

Took a quick jaunt to our local Target store to see if any of the Halloween merchandise was up (it wasn’t).  So I meandered next door to browse through Dollar Tree.  Last time I was there, they only had a few items, but they are fully stocked now.  Here’s a grave full of pictures for you:

Dollar_tree_2014 (14)

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