Halloween at Target – Part 2

Well, I headed back to Target after the employees were done stocking the shelves.  It still looks like there are a few bare spots, but almost everything seems to be out on the floor.

Target_2014_part2 (10) Target_2014_part2 (2)Target_2014_part2 (1)Target_2014_part2 (5)Target_2014_part2 (7)Target_2014_part2 (3)Target_2014_part2 (4)

Personally, I think these dishes would look better holding human body parts, rather than candy.  But that’s just me…

Target_2014_part2 (11)Target_2014_part2Target_2014_part2 (9)Target_2014_part2 (6)The Skulls above would repeat your words.  I don’t have video because the employees and customers were already looking at me funny, and I didn’t want to be seen talking to the decorations.

However, I do have some videos of this owl and raven/crow.

ScreaminScott says “Dig it up!”

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