Feeling Bookish

I found some neat faux book boxes at a Michaels Arts and Crafts store, while looking for Halloween items.  I immediately knew I had to try out Dave Lowe’e Creepy Book treatment on one.  I like the end result on the test run:

fake_book (4)

I started with a small book box to test out the idea.


fake_book (1)

I used a diluted mixture of Mod Modge, brushed on top of a crumpled paper towel, to give the ‘leather’ effect.  You really have to soak it.  Crumpling the paper towel beforehand will help create creases.  Take care to avoid bubbles.  Even after it dries they will look more like bubbles than wrinkled leather. I trimmed and wrapped the edges around the edge of the cover.  THis was a bit messy, since I didn’t know exactly the dimensions of the crumpled paper towel before it was applied to the book.  I ended up with a very messy pair of scissors as I cut the cluey paper towel  But I don’t know what other way I could do it, since the paper won’t lay completely flat until the Mod Podge is applied.

fake_book (2)

After it was dry (about a day), I broke out some acrylic paints for the final step.  I decided on some burnt umber for the outside and black for the inside. The ‘bark brown’ make be used later to dry brushing highlights.

fake_book (3)

This is the end result.  The odd partial leather effect on the inside cover is a result of me changing my mind halfway through the process.  I originally intended to apply the paper towel on the inside as well, but changed my mind.  I’ve decided that this was more of a trial run instead of a final product.

fake_book (4)

fake_book (6)

Here’s a closeup of the ‘leather’ effect.  It could probably benefit from a wash of diluted black paint for shadows, and a dry-brush of lighter brown to bring out the highlights.  But I’m happy with it so far.

fake_book (5)

So check out your local crafts store.  These books are spring and summer items, and should be heavily discounted.

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