Name yer Poison

I was perusing a store called World Market the other day, and came across the following items.

First, a cool set of glasses (personally, I’m partial to the Arrogant Bastard Ale)



Then the more standard alcoholic fare:

pick yer poison

I already have a flask (or 2.. or 3) but I may head on back to pick this up. Along with a few of those cool glasses.  I don’t have the prices handy, but they can’t be that expensive.

If you have  World Market in your corner of the graveyard, ScreaminScott says dig it up!


The Thin Green Vine

I have pumpkin vines!

3 to be exact.  Although one is by far the longest at about 4 feet.  The others two.. well I didn’t train them correctly and they will end up fighting for space.  I’ll have to check on the progress of the grudge match every day.

Got some pumpkin vines this year.

Lets hope that the temperatures and moisture stay within acceptable ranges this year.  Texas is going through a severe drought.  While I have a soaker hose installed along the vines, there’s not much you can do if temperatures top the 100 mark day after day.  Luckily we’ve had a freakish cycle of rain the past 3 days, so hopefully the vines are well established for the rest of the season.

An hopefully the male flowers and female flowers have a menage-a-trois with a bee and give me some pumpkins this year!!

And so it begins

Welcome to Stonehaven Manor!  My name is ScreaminScott, and I will be your host.

Every October, my yard slowly transforms into a ghoulish cemetery, where skeletons play and all sort of creatures roam.

Here on this blog, I’ll document how I create my yard, as well as posting interesting Halloween and Haunt-related items I find.

So… follow me down this dark hallway.  Pay no attention to those shadows.  They are just shadows, aren’t they?

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t turn around.

There may be something behind you….