Halloween 2017

The weatherman warned us! An almost certain chance of rain!

But we fooled him!

Through a combination of weather wizardry from the resident mad scientist, some necromancy, a few minor sacrifices (we never liked those squirrels), and just pure dumb luck, the storm clouds were banished!

Your Host, the (slightly) mad scientist of Stonehaven Manor

We had about 385 visitors this year. It was a very busy fall this year for everyone at the Manor. After all, those bodies aren’t gonna dismember up themselves! So there wasn’t much time for new guests or accommodations (However i did notice a few extra crates to pack away.  If you are missing a child or sibling, they may be in a box in the dungeon.. let me know). Next year we will see if we can dig up some new surprises!

Check out some pictures below, and also visit our 2017 gallery

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See you next year!!!

Stonehanven Manor

Stonehanven Manor


Silent Sentinel

Shouldn’t have stolen that treasure!

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