Digging up the bodies.. er… decorations

For the past few weeks, I’ve been pulling decorations out of the attic and trying to find time to put everything up before the big night.  One of the first things to go up were the window decorations.  Nothing particularly spooky about these, I just think they look cool.  Black and orange are the traditional colors of Halloween, and I like having the entryway in these colors.



The side windows are images from, believe it or not, Martha Stewart.  They were originally for paper lanterns, but I resized them for the windows.  Click on these links for the images: Table Lanterns & Hanging Lanterns.

The top windows are cutout paper spider webs backed by orange tissue paper.  I don’t have the original pattern anymore, but Google “snowflake spiderweb” and would will find many instructions for practically the same thing.

The next decorations to go up were the pumpkins in the window on the landing.


I try to carve a new foam pumpkin every year, and display them in the top window above the front door.  I used to just stack them up, and keep them in the window with fishing line strung back and forth.  But that fragile balance was just too much of a pain.  So I built a shelf.  If you have a similar window at your house, you might try the same thing.


Each foam pumpkin is lit with a small 4-watt bulb.  I use a clip-in cord, used for lighting those ceramic holiday houses.  It looks like this:


They sell these at craft stores.  Print the picture before you go there to buy one.  The employees will have no idea what you’re talking about.  Trust me.

In the next post, we move to outside!

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