Michael’s – Part 2

I dropped by the local Michaels arts and crafts store, and was pleased to see they had a lot more Halloween goodies out on the shelves.  There were still a few bare spots, and the Spooky Town miniatures weren’t out yet.  But there were still a lot of things to gawk at.  I was impressed that there seemed to be less glitter and more classy Halloween decor this year.


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Halloween begins “At Home”

In 2014, Garden Ridge home decor stores rebranded with a new name, At Home.


There were some changes, but they still have good Halloween stuff out earlier than almost any other store outside the craft store industry.  To find a store near you, check out the At Home store locator

I visited to see what goodies I could find, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I really liked the collection of small animal skeletons, as un-realistic as they may be   (Ears don’t have external bones, and spiders have EXOskeletons, not ENDOskeletons)  But I digress….

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Hobby Lobby 2015

Hobby Lobby arts and crafts stores have gotten an early start with the fall merchandise this year.  Of special interest may be the Funkin brand foam pumpkins.  They do seem to carry a higher price tag – $39.99 for a large pumpkin (ouch)!  The Michael’s  store brand was cheaper last year by 10 dollars, but I haven’t seen them yet this year.

Here are a few pictures from the Hobby Lobby seasonal aisles

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Happy (Haunted) Valentine’s Day

Haunters are a interesting breed.  We add our special touch to all holidays.  And Valentine’s Day is no different.

So why not give your sweetie something something unique this holiday?  Instead of a boring box of chocolates, try a box of anatomically correct chocolate hearts.

9 chocolate hearts

Or other body parts

9 chocolate organs

There’s more at visualanatomy.com if these two don’t make you shudder with delight.

Or you are in a more Do-It-Yourself mood, you can bake a cake and mold these Zombie cake toppers from ThinkGeek.com.

Zombie Chocoalte mold


Just remember to bite the head off first!

ScreaminScott says ‘dig it up’!


The Tombstones of Stonehaven Manor


The question I’m most asked is “How do you make your tombstones?”

Actually, I’m most asked “Where do you store all this stuff?” (in the attic above the garage), and “Why does your wife put up with you?” (She loves me, as challenging as that may be). But a close third-place is people asking about the tombstones.

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Halloween Night 2014!!


I know I promised information about Tombstones in the last post, but I got busy.  So lets talk about the reasons for these posts anyway.. Halloween!

We had 411 trick-or-treaters this year.  Only one more than last year, but I think the cold weather and school football games reduced the number.

So, on to the pictures!

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