Halloween at Target 2014 (Part 1)

After several days of empty Halloween shelves, Target finally started stocking Halloween merchandise.  I wanted to take pictures of everything. But the employees were falling over me as I got down onthe floor to get close-ups of the Cat Skeleton.  So I decided to split these pictures into 2 parts.  I’ll post more after the shelves are fully stocked (and I’m not tripping Target employees).  So here we go….

Target_2014_part_1 (15)

As you can see in the picture above, there are still a few items missing.  But the important stuff is out… Skeletons!

Target_2014_part_1 (7)


And more skeletons…

Target_2014_part_1 (10)

Lots of skeletons!

Target_2014_part_1 (12)


Bird skeletons…

Target_2014_part_1 (9)


Cat Skeletons (Some would say that this is the best use for a cat.  Not I, but some would)

Target_2014_part_1 (8)

This Resin Griffin was a good deal for $25.  (The white stuff is just bits of foam packing material.)

Other assorted goodies…

Target_2014_part_1 (14)  Target_2014_part_1 (6) Target_2014_part_1 (11)Target_2014_part_1 (4)Target_2014_part_1 (3)Preview

Target_2014_part_1 (1)

Target_2014_part_1 (13)


This little display had a fan that blew tiny ‘bats’ around the house while playing spooky sounds.

And don’t forget the Halloween greeting cards on the way out of the store!

Target_2014_part_1 (2)


Stay tuned for part 2!

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