Halloween at Lowe’s

As I was picking up supplies for another Halloween project (updates soon to come!), I spied this collection of Halloween decorations at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Dallas.

The largest decoration was this hanging caged skeleton.  It had a motion sensor that would set it screaming and shaking when you walked past.  To be honest, the shaking wasn’t all that noticeable – I think it needs a larger motor for the size.  It appeared to be about 5-6 feet tall.  Check out the short video clip below.




There were a few other animated decorations, some of which were were not set up or not yet plugged in.



This illuminated skull had a interesting lighting effect.  The video below doesn’t do it justice.


There was a good selection of inflatables this year.  I was especially impressed by the Dragon and Archway Haunted House

Lowes2014-03 Lowes2014-04 Lowes2014-05 Lowes2014-06


And, other assorted Halloween items…


Lowes2014-10Lowes2014-08 Lowes2014-07

SceaminScott says “dig it up” at Lowe’s!


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