Halloween Night 2014!!


I know I promised information about Tombstones in the last post, but I got busy.  So lets talk about the reasons for these posts anyway.. Halloween!

We had 411 trick-or-treaters this year.  Only one more than last year, but I think the cold weather and school football games reduced the number.

So, on to the pictures!

Here’s one of the whole yard.


I built some miniature LED spotlights this year to light the individual tombstones.  I like that instead of the complete wash of color across the whole yard.  But I realized that some of the tombstones need to have their epitaphs painted to make them more visible.  Oh well, a lesson learned for next year!

The path up to the front door gave you this view:


A view of the Tombstones:

DSCN2482 DSCN2485

We had a few more skeletons this year…

DSCN2470 DSCN2471 DSCN2479

Looks like they have lost more than the shirts of their backs!

Looks like they have lost more than the shirts off their backs!

A new wooden coffin


and of course our pets the spiders and.. well… something…

DSCN2473 DSCN2489


Luckily, all the trick-or-treaters made it out alive (as far as we know)

DSCN2458 DSCN2461

Until next year…

Happy Halloween!!



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