Slightly off Target

OK.  Lets get something clear.

The rugrats are off to school.  If they don’t have their school supplies by now, they’re doomed.  Doomed to a life of poor job opportunities like bathroom attendant, drug dealer lookout, or….God help them…. politician.

So, lets get rid of the back-to-school supplies and put out some Halloween merchandise

Yah hear me Target?  Yeah, you!  Who else do you think I’m talkin to?  Yer the only one with a friggin bullseye right smack on ya!

The local Target has a few Halloween items, but the main area is still taken up with the accursed educational swag.   Here’s what I saw:


2013-09-03_12-52-18_559 (578x1024)

The candy aisle is getting stocked

2013-09-03_12-56-00_668 (585x1024)

The small assassins will be well attired.

2013-09-03_12-57-09_153 (1024x874)

Instead of dressing your dog in some  humiliating costume this year, just buy it some of these Halloween-themed rawhide treats.  Your pet will thank you (and not maul you in your sleep).

There were more Halloween items in the $1 are at the front of the store than anywhere else.  Here are a few:

2013-09-03_13-00-12_774 (576x1024)

Take your pick of ice cube trays.  The red ones look like fingers, black is spider-themed.  I don’t know exactly what the orange is… looks like eyes and ears.

2013-09-03_13-01-06_724 (1024x577)

Cutesy Halloween pails… hang in there, it gets better….

2013-09-03_13-02-05_578 (1024x577)

Your standard humorous Halloween signs.  I think the “”Bummer” sign is the best of this lot.

2013-09-03_13-07-02_218 (985x1024)Ahhh!  Now we’re talking!  Shot glasses!.  These are plastic and come in boxes of 2 for $1.  Not bad for a themed shot glass that you don’t mind if anyone steals.

2013-09-03_13-07-06_890 (1024x1020) Same as the skull glass above, but slightly less cool.2013-09-03_13-07-25_15 (908x1024)And finally “test tube” shot glasses.  I know it’s been a long time since high school chemistry class, but these don’t look like test tubes.  Still not bad for a party, or a mad-scientist laboratory lit by black-light (not sure if these glow or not).

Let hope that the aisles are loaded with more spooky things soon.

Meanwhile, ScreaminScott says “dig it up!



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