Home is where the (bloody) heart is

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  That time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.

Who am I kidding – I’m not so young anymore and I think of Halloween 365 days a year!  But if you are interested in some different gifts for your sweetie, check these out:

We all know that chocolates have become a traditional gift for Valentines Day.  I’m sure the chocolate industry has something to do with that. Instead of the standard caramel filled chocolates in a heart-shaped box, why not try an actual chocolate heart from PushinDaisies.com?

chocolate heart

This is the 1 lb anatomically correct chocolate heart (the smaller 10 oz heart is out of stock).  Perfect for snacking late at night in the graveyard!  They also have chocolate hearses, caskets, and coffins!

If chocolate isn’t the thing for your horror sweet-tooth, then head on over to Candy Warehouse.com 


They have a 1 lb gummy heart for you to sink your fangs teeth into (If you want to make one yourself, you can get a heart gelatin mold here.)

For more bite-sized morsels, Candy Warehouse also has a 22 piece bag of “Zombie Food”.


Sometimes it’s fun chew on a variety of body parts.

But what if you just aren’t into candy (even if it’s shaped like human organs)?  Jewelry is always an option.

heart pendant

Fashion Junkie 4 Life.com sells the above anatomically correct sterling silver heart pendant.  I know, it’s not bloody or still beating, but I still think it’s cool.

Valentines Day cards are also another tradition (thank you greeting card industry).  Of course, you can stop on the way home from work on Feb 14th, and pick something from the decimated selection at the local drug store (I’ve never, ever, done that!).  Or you can put a little evil thought into it and give this paper rib-cage and heart shaped gift box


The thanks to Disdaindespair over at deviantart.com, you can print out the templates and make it yourself.

No matter what you get for your significant other (alive or not), remember not to forget the presentation.  Try this anatomically correct heart gift box.


The instructions are provided by Bindlestiff at Instructables.com.  It looks fairly straightforward.  Certainly easier than carving a heart out of a almost dead dead body, anyway.

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, and whoever (or whatever) you celebrate it with, remember our favorite holiday.  After the chocolate zombie food is devoured, and the gummy heart is but a red smear on your lips, Halloween will be only 261 days away!

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