Yankee Candle 2015

The smells of Halloween are in the air at Yankee Candle stores across the land.


Some of these candles are really mouthwatering (Buttercream and Candy Corn????).  Personally I like the scent of the Black Magic candles.  I can’t describe it, but online I have seen it described as the smell of “black leather, patchouli, smoky incense and sweet vanilla”.  So there you are.

If you aren’t looking for candles, they have car air fresheners in their Halloween scents, for your driving pleasure.

Black Magic

Black Magic

Yankee_Candle_2015_0104 Yankee_Candle_2015_0106 Yankee_Candle_2015_0107 Yankee_Candle_2015_0108 Yankee_Candle_2015_0109 Yankee_Candle_2015_0110

This makes me hungry

This makes me hungry


Looks like a wine glass, but actually a tea light holder.

Looks like a wine glass, but actually a tea light holder.

Yankee_Candle_2015_0115 Yankee_Candle_2015_0116 Yankee_Candle_2015_0117 Yankee_Candle_2015_0118

ScreaminScott says “Dig it up!”


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  1. I thought the Black Magic candle smelled like baby powder, but I bought it anyway. I still haven’t burned it yet, tho. I also go the JOL wine glass – love that it already looks like a candle is glowing in there, but it’s just the finish!

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