World Market Halloween 2015

World Market advertises itself as a place for “top quality furniture, affordable home decor, imported rugs, curtains, unique gifts, food, wine and more”.  I know that we shop there for unique stocking stuffers of candy from around the world.  But it also has become a wonderful place for Halloween items every year.

This year’s pictures come from my friend Victor Ives (Aka, The Undertaker).  Victor is the owner of Halloween Hot Sauce where you can buy high-quality, homemade, Halloween-themed hot sauce.  You can get the bottles alone, or in special hand-made cedar coffins (perfect for gifts!).  I’ve ordered the 3-bottle package before, and it’s excellent!  Head on over to his site and get some ‘heat’ for the haunting season, before it’s all gone!

Victor beat me to the punch by getting lots of great photos of the World Market Halloween items out on Facebook.  He graciously allowed me to post them here.  After perusing the pictures, why not head on over to the World Market Halloween web page to see more detail? Screamin Scott says “dig it up!”


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