Halloween 2015

The weather gods smiled down upon us (or perhaps they were just scared away) and the rain stopped well before darkness fell.  We wondered if it would be a quieter night due to the dampness and the chill in the air, but we shouldn’t have worried


Once the first few trick-or-treaters appeared, it was like the proverbial floodgates were opened.

halloween_2015_17 halloween_2015_16

By the time the night was over, we had 416 trick-or-treaters.  A new record (5 more than last year) for the manor!

halloween_2015_19 halloween_2015_23

A big hit this year were the dancing skeletons in the bay window.  Check out the video:

We used the AtmosFearFX “Bone Chillers” DVD for the effect.  We hung a sheet in the window and projected the image onto it from behind.  I’m really pleased with the effect and plan to use it next year.

Speaking of Skeletons, we had quite a few in residence this year.


They were up to their regular mischief…


Nighttime at the manor

Or just hanging out…

Nighttime at the manor

halloween_2015_22 halloween_2015_26

For more pictures, check out the 2015 Gallery.


Now, time to start planning for next year!


Happy Halloween!

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