Grave Undertaking

In the last post, I showed you those miniature coffins from Michael’s Arts and Crafts store.  At only $1, they are quite a bargain.  And versatile too!  As you can see below.


These coffins come from MoonWitchKitty on Halloween Forum.  I particularly like the bloody handprint on the inside of the lid.  Makes you wonder about the story behind it!  Perhaps it was caused by a Smurf buried alive (Seriously, if you had seen the trailer for the next Smurf movie, you’d want to do that too!)


This one comes from Inkstains.  As cool as the outside looks, get a load of the inside below!

Inkstains coffin

Its a miniature shadowbox / apothecary / art project!

Dr Brassy

Id something more simple is your style, just paint black and add some decorations, like these coffins above from Dr Brassy.

Finally, check out this idea above from Studio 7 that use the coffin as a backdrop for a creepy Halloween decoration.

There are sooo many more ideas on the web.  It’s like potato chips (or beer), you can’t have just one!  Check out these other links:


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